Hello friends! Happy first Monday of 2019!

A new year is always so exciting for me. A fresh start, saying goodbye to bad habits, a chance to reinvent and refresh yourself. This year we threw a New Year’s Eve party at our new home and I’m quickly realizing that all the leftover junk food is NOT the best way to start new goals! Oops.

Last year was a big year for me. My hubby and I traveled to Honduras, Belize and Mexico (twice), along with several places throughout the US. We just moved back from Greenville, SC and settled back into our hometown of Fishers, IN. Spent lots of quality time with friends. I photographed my first wedding and lots of sweet couples!!! BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOME! Tackled so many projects in that home. And have had so many laughs in between.

2018, you were one for the books.

This year’s goals are pretty big! But I’m excited for the plan I’ve set out for myself to make sure I’m staying on track. This is super important. So many years I’ve had the hardest time keeping (or even remembering) my resolutions. So I’m taking some very intentional steps to keep me on track this year.

I am making measurable goals.

I have learned that I personally need goals that I can track. I need to be able to check something off each week to know that I’m headed in the right direction. Goal-setting is not the time to be vague, especially if I’m being super honest with myself.

I am making attainable goals.

It’s so tempting to think “new year, new me” and set super high goals. That’s great! But is it realistic? Probably not. It takes a lot to make a new habit when we’re so cozy in our own ways, so for me setting goals in baby steps helps a ton.

I am writing down my goals.

Okay, I know this sounds super simple…but even writing this blog post makes me feel more accountable! This year I’m writing down my goals and posting them to the fridge. It’s the year to get really organized in the Gross household. I mean in our home (more of that below!), social calendar, finances, pantry, you name it!

So without further delay, here are the things I’m working on this year!

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

I stopped letting fear really control what I do in 2018. I felt so much growth from that small, simple act! We fearlessly do things every single day, we just don’t know it. My husband and I have fearlessly moved from IN to SC, then back to IN. We’ve fearlessly adopted a crazy, loving puppy together. We fearlessly stepped into marriage, knowing it was not always going to be perfect. We didn’t do any of these things without anticipation and a little anxiety. But we also didn’t do any of these things without a whole lot of prayer.  Fear was the biggest thing that held me back from starting my business until I finally realized I was made for this. This quote was my 2018 mantra!

Continue to learn + grow in my business.

I made it a priority to learn through webinars/books/fellow photographers/etc. in 2018. I learned more than I imagined I would! I believe in always learning no matter what kind of business you’re in. I will never claim to know everything, there will always be something new to learn.

Get on top of home projects.

This one I am super excited about! We have so many exciting projects planned for 2019 including renovating our kitchen and part of our living room. Plus painting and setting up furniture. Now the part I’m not so excited about – getting on top of laundry/home organization as well. My least favorite. Can anyone relate??

Travel + read more.

Traveling is my favorite thing in the world. I love experiencing new places and will always take that over an item. My husband and I have bought each other experiences over gifts since we started dating and I’m so glad we are both adventure seekers! Traveling is an experience that you will always have with you.

Fitness goals:

Of course, we all have some fitness goals when we get into a new year. I’ve tried to be very real with myself here. Although a whole new fitness routine and food program sounds great, it’s not going to happen overnight. So I’m starting with a couple of simple things that will get me in the right direction. 1) Sip on water all day instead of coffee. I have a 32oz Yeti and it’s my goal to drink 3 each day! 2) Get to the gym just twice a week to start. I know this may sound small to some but for me it’s a big jump!

Thanks for following along! Let’s keep each other accountable this year and show 2019 who’s boss!

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