Hey there, I’m Ladi!

I’m so glad you’re here! Photography has always been that one thing that sets my soul on fire. The thing that I always keep coming back to at the end of the day. My passion.

I photograph newly engaged couples, couples celebrating anniversaries, beautiful wedding days, newborns entering the world, headshots for the entrepreneur, families, you name it! Your photoshoot should be FUN! My goal is to show who you are through your photos, even if you’re not quite sure what to do in front of the camera. It’s my job to direct you and make sure we’re getting natural-looking photos that show who you are. I always end up laughing with my clients during our sessions, so I guess you could say we have a good time!

My favorite things in the world are my husband and black lab puppy (& mugs). We have a tradition of eating Taco Bell in bed every Valentine’s Day, we can quote almost every episode of How I Met Your Mother, and we absolutely love spontaneous trips to Vegas (we’ve been 4 times together)!

Let’s grab coffee sometime & chat!