If you know me and my hubby, you know we LOVE spontaneous trips to Vegas. Our relationship in general is very spontaneous and full of adventure (to say the least). We are also huge foodies and will try anything at least once. What we love so much about Vegas is that you can do something different and stay somewhere different every time you go!

On our most recent Vegas adventure we decided we wanted to do a food tour through the city. We visited some of our favorite places and lots of new ones! We probably walked miles around the city and visited Old Vegas this time around. It was so different but we loved it so much we spent the whole day there! Here are some of our favorite places we visited:


Now, I can’t remember the last time I had Shake Shack, but these two are very close competitors. When I did the Instagram poll the results were 50/50! I feel like they’re just different. In & Out is very fresh…but I think Shake Shack takes the cake on this one. I mean, you can never go wrong with a good burger, especially when it looks like this!


Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit our favorite secret pizza place this time around, but Evel Pie was a great alternative and right in the heart of downtown. My favorite pizza is by far New York style, and they did not disappoint! Not to mention the vibe was so fun. Bumper stickers everywhere. Bartenders that we chatted with the whole time. And a $6 beer & slice special. You can’t beat it.


You may recognize this name from Shark Tank. We walked by the food truck in Old Vegas and just had to stop by and try it out! These guys make all sorts of yummy foods with lobster including lobster rolls, lobster tacos and lobster bisque. Yum. We tried the lobster grilled cheese and omg….I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to normal grilled cheese after that. This is definitely a must try! And the great part is, they have food trucks in 21 major cities across the US.


Located in the Cosmo, this was our last stop of night 1 and we were completely stuffed! But we pushed through! We ordered dim sum & siu mai. We sat at the bar where we could see them steaming our food right in front of us. So I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was ordering. Turns out they are similar to dumplings, little round stuffed balls of dough. Nate and I rolled ourselves out of the restaurant also feeling like little round stuffed balls of dough.


We just did a quick stop in here for one of my favorite foods: Mexican Street Corn. This corn was just smothered in mayo, cheese and spices. It. was. so. good. y’all.


Finally, our favorite food we tried in Vegas…I know what you’re thinking. “A hot dog?!” This was no ordinary hot dog and I totally wish I had one right now. We ordered the Classic Cheffini Hot Dog which had a grilled frank, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, mozzarella, crushed potato chips (game changer), pineapple sauce, mustard, mayo & ketchup. If you want something a little out there, they also have hot dogs with seaweed, pickled mango, and quail eggs. Definitely going back here next time!

We of course had way more food that this during our trip, but these were hands down our favorites! While in Vegas we tried to go “around the world”. We had food from America, France, Germany, Ireland, China, Mexico & so much more! That is just the beauty of Las Vegas! I hope this helps anyone planning a trip soon!

Bon Appétit!

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